Asst. Manager Cost Control

Posted 5 months ago

Responsible for managing and directing the inventory process every month. Implement all Cost control policies and procedures to all departments and ensure all inventory counting along with supporting evidence or documents. Reviewer – Comprehensive. Ensure the correctness of every transaction (especially spending / purchase transactions). Perform data comparing and double control. In addition, it is also responsible for establishing good cooperation with the Purchasing section in terms of controlling the price of goods as well as receiving goods, monitoring purchase orders (PO) and market lists, as well as making daily flash cost reports, and carrying out inventory or counting all goods every month. as well as making a monthly report (Cost of product).

Requirement :

  1. Male/ Female, Max 35 Years old.
  2. Capable of Ms.Office, Flow Process Accounting, and Cost Control.
  3. Candidates must possess at least Diploma/ Bachelor degree in Accounting.
  4. Have an experience in Manufacturing (Japan Company) as Asst Manager.
  5. Have a Good Communication in English.
  6. Capable of Kaizeng process in Manufacturing.
  7. Understan the ISO and IATF Process.
  8. Have a Good Organizational skill.
  9. Have a Good the problem solving and solution oriented.
  10. Have an Analytical Thinking.
  11. Have a Copy of Identity Card, and Copy of Family Card

Required Document :

  1. Application
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Copy of Identity Card
  4. Copy of Family Card
  5. Copy of Diploma or Bachelor’s Certificates
  6. Copy of Driving License
  7. and a copy of other supporting documents

Vacancy Period for this position: January 04 2021 – January 29 2021.

Please Note:

The whole series of the tests will be carried out in Cikarang (MM2100 Industrial Estate).
Selected candidates will be invited via SMS and or Email to participate in the selection process for PT Honda Lock Indonesia.

The following is an estimate of the test implementation based on the registration date:

NoPeriode PendaftaranTanggal Test
104 – 08 January 2021Start the Test January 11 2021
211 – 15 January 2021Start the Test January 18 2021
318 – 22 January 2021Start the Test January 25 2021
425 – 29 January 2021Start the Test February 01 2021

How to Registration :

Registration can be done by the following link :

Apply Online